Awareness & Education

Our comprehensive addiction education and awareness program is designed to shatter stigma and shame and educate the community that addiction is a treatable, chronic disease.

This award-winning program aims to connect with people at multiple touch points in their lives, reaching them where they work, live, play, learn and otherwise spend their time.

Our education initiatives are informed by best practices in the health communications field. The strategies, messages and themes were developed based on an extensive research process to better understand attitudes, knowledge and beliefs around addiction and wellness.

The program aims to maximize cost-effective strategies and incorporates a wide range of efforts including digital communications, social networking, events, public education, public service announcements and partnerships.

Award-Winning Awareness Program

We plan to work with all sectors of the community, including treatment providers, health care, criminal justice, education and others, to dramatically improve and increase access to recovery services and supports. We are also working to eliminate stigma, shame and other barriers to recovery so more people will come forward for help.

Our goal is to help more people recognize the early signs and symptoms of the disease, get help before their problems are too severe and have access to ongoing recovery supports and services to manage their disease.

Our awareness program will include community outreach and events, social media and advertising to share stories of recovery and inspire more people to seek help. We offer presentations, trained speakers, educational materials and a range of awareness initiatives for a variety of audiences.