Our results are only as good as the quality of our community partnerships.

We’re working to transform the way Fargo-Moorhead understands and treats addiction.

We are working to engage with and mobilize all community sectors – public and private – in support of addiction wellness for all.  Working with partners, we aim to build a culture of addiction wellness, eliminate shame and stigma around the disease, and increase access to recovery supports and services.

This work is all about community-wide transformation. It starts with employers, integrated health care delivery systems and treatment providers.  But it also requires the participation of higher education, K-12 education, criminal justice, social services, faith, and many other stakeholders as well. 

We need every community sector involved to continue advancing real change. If you would like to get involved in our work, please contact us.

Health Systems

We're working in close partnership with health care partners to help them transform their delivery system for the care of addiction. 

When it comes to addiction, we help our health care partners achieve reduced costs, a better patient experience, and improved health outcomes. To meet these goals, we work with our partners to establish a team-based, patient-centered approach for identification, treatment, and management of the disease of addiction. 

We put our health care partners on the leading edge of demonstrating how to reduce and better control the cost of delivering care, improve provider productivity and strengthen quality of addiction care.

Treatment Providers

We are also working in partnership with qualified treatment providers to drive fundamental improvements in addiction care.

In today’s shifting health care environment, treatment providers who prosper will be those that successfully transition from yesterday’s episodic service delivery system to a fully integrated continuum of care.

In our community, quality addiction treatment providers have strong roles to play in meeting increased demand for treatment services and providing higher quality treatment care.

We also know that today’s addiction treatment industry faces serious clinical and systemic challenges. Our commitment is to work with treatment providers to fundamentally improve treatment quality by advancing and supporting the highest, evidence-based standards of care.