How We Help

We’re here to support you or your loved one every step of the way.

Our Mission is to get drug and alcohol addiction sufferers well. 

Everything we do is to help families and those who suffer connect with the right resources at the right time and to maintain that connection as long as it takes to achieve wellness. 

We take the mystery out of understanding the disease, its symptoms and the options available for families and those who suffer. We are here with one purpose – to help individuals and families navigate the process of getting well from this illness.

Our advice is completely independent and, for the most part, delivered by people who’ve survived the disease. We’ve been there and found our way through to a better life in wellness. So can you and your loved one. 

We focus on building “recovery capital” – the breadth of internal and external resources that strengthen wellness from addiction. We help people find their own path to wellness, prevent a reoccurrence of symptoms (or relapse) and get back on track when the disease reoccurs.

We provide non-clinical, peer-to-peer addiction management support services to help individuals and family members get well and stay well from this chronic disease. 

Our services are offered at no charge for individuals or loved ones affected by the disease. They’re available to anyone at any stage of getting well from addiction, for any length of time. Make an appointment today.