About Us

Our Mission is to get drug and alcohol addiction sufferers well.

We’re working to solve addiction in Fargo-Moorhead.

We’re dedicated to saving lives and reducing the tremendous social, human and economic costs of this chronic disease.

Based on a successful model first created in Sioux Falls, SD, we plan to serve as a wellness provider, offering free long-term peer recovery coaching to help individuals and loved ones impacted by drug or alcohol addiction.

Our goal is to help people affected by addiction find their way to wellness. This includes loved ones. When someone is suffering from addiction, it causes chaos and confusion. People don’t know where to go or what to do. We help take the mystery out of the disease.

Our main service is free, confidential peer recovery coaching for any length of time. These are peers who’ve walked in your shoes so there’s an instant connection. They’ve been there. They support and guide loved ones and addiction sufferers through the wellness process. Their support is practical and goal-oriented. We’re independent and non-judgmental and support any path to getting well.

We also connect families to resources and services in the community, including helping them evaluate and find treatment if that’s needed.

In short, we want our clients to know that they’re in the right place. Our coaches are highly trained and will help them navigate one of the most difficult things they’ll ever do. Our mission is to support them as they get well and stay well.

Learn more about our progress to date in Fargo-Moorhead.